HumanPoweredVehicles wheels as of winter-solstice 2004 are the following:

#1.....first is this Sun EZ-3 delta trike,
designed by the EZ-Racers genius Gardner Martin...

.....these are the most popular trikes because
they combine great design and comfort and fun
with a low less-than-$1000-cost at local dealers...

.....EZ-3 trikes are made in Taiwan and distributed
by major bike-wholesaler Sun Bicycles...

...i have modified my trike by
adding a 1hp Scott electric-motor,
a Curtis golf-cart speed-controller,
thumb-throttle, fuses, switches and
a pair of 17ah AGM lead-acid batteries,
in series to produce 24volt power...

...althought i designed my own system,
i used common electric-vehicle components,
which have proven 2 B reliable performers,
especially in golf-carts & wheel-chairs...

...i also have a solar-power set-up at home
that can transform sunlight into 24vdc to
recharge the batteries at no cost beyond the
initial capital-investment...and it will
recharge during grid-power-blackouts...


...legally, motor-power and speed-capability
determine whether these vehicles are regulated
by ConsumerProductSafetyCommission rules
as bicycles when
(motor-power does not exceed 1.0hp (~750watts)
and the powered-speed is less than 20 or 25mph)
by U.S.DepartmentOfTransportation rules
as mopeds (1hp to 5hp) or
motorcycles (more than 5hp) EZ-3 trike does not need to be registered as
a motor-vehicle nor do i need a driver's license to
operate it on public it's lotsa fun,
low cost, no license, no inspections, no mechanics
(except me) and no gasoline or oil costs or fumes...


...personally, i prefer a trike to a bike because
three-wheels provides good stability on slippery
wet & sandy surfaces & no kickstand needed...

...and a recumbent-style seat
like this allows me to sit back and enjoy the scenery
instead of being bent over looking at the front wheel
of a a recumbent seat is more comfortable
than the crotch-rail type of seat of most bikes...

...also, three-wheels can carry a heavier load
without getting hard-to-handle...this is very
important to me because this is my
primary way of getting groceries and other
supplies from town to, i have
two trailers ( a one-wheeler & a two-wheeler)
that can carry another 100lbs each of camp-gear or
groceries or even extra-batteries for longer-range...


#2...the powered baccup for my EZ-3 trike is
a two-wheeler electric moped eGo-cycle2 sold for
a bit over $1000 by eGO Vehicles, Inc via their
online website or phone or thru dealers: 2.0hp motor-power
this eGo-cycle2 is definitely a moped... doesn't even have any pedals...
...but i plan to use it only to get around my
homestead on narrow trails to check fences, mailbox, etc...
...BUT, if i ever need to use it on public roads
if/when my EZ-3 trike is dis-abled, then i'll be prepared to
risk a fine if i'm caught without registration/license...

...there's more about eGo-cycles at eGO Cycle Fan Page


#3...finally, here's a pic of my other trike...'s a high-performance $2500 ThunderBolt trike
that's a joy to pilot, but too low to be seen by
high-seated truck-drivers in traffic until i
add flag and strobe-light on a pole behind the seat...


...for more about various human powered vehicles,
goto the
international human powered vehicle association...